Polymeric sand wasn’t created and sold in North America until about 1999, and in 2000 Stonehenge Brick Paving & Landscaping began to use it in all of their paver and stone pavement installations. Over these nearly 20 years, Stonehenge has seen just about everything, when it comes to poly sand. So much so that in 2008, Jeff Pozniak, President of Stonehenge, penned the most authoritative article on polymeric sand that can be found on the web.

Since then, through this site and Stonehenge’s, Pozniak annually receives hundreds of phone calls and thousands of emails every single year, asking for his help with their polymeric sand issue.

Because it isn’t possible to answer everyone’s questions (and still hope to get any work done that will help pay his mortgage), he’s put together the definitive guide on installing polymeric sand and troubleshooting the problems that can arise during and after installation.

installation and troubleshooting guide

This 12 page illustrated guide was created with both the homeowner and contractor in mind, with plain-English explanations of how to properly install polymeric sand in your paver and stone pavements, what can go wrong, why it goes wrong, and how to fix it.

At $25 or more per 50 pound bag of polymeric sand, the price of this guide may well save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in incorrect installations and inadequate repairs.

So get your copy of this important guide today!