Sea Green JuniperThe Sea Green Juniper is one of the more popular junipers used in the residential and commercial landscape. For those of us who plant them, the popularity of this plant comes from it's ability to tolerate many different kinds of soil, and in a commercial landscape environment, where plants are put in some inhospitable places (surrounded by asphalt in a parking lot, harsh sunlight, or placed inside a drip line where they will get little water), these plants will do better than most. Their arching branches and consistent green color (which turns darker in winter) bring a lively, colorful, evergreen backdrop or accent to a landscape.

A little looking will expose the rough exterior of the Sea Green's branches.The Sea Green Juniper is native to China, Mongolia and Japan, but is heavily cultivated in North America. Like most junipers the Sea Green will not rebound from pruning back into the "dead zone" where no live buds exist. Time your pruning so that it falls prior to buds breaking in the spring or long enough before the winter freeze that new growth spurred by the pruning has a chance to harden before the temperatures drop.Foliage of the Sea Green Juniper

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Plant Specifications

Areas of Growth:
USDA Zones 4-9
Hardy in USDA Zones 4 to 9

Plant Size:
Height and Width of tree at maturityHeight: 2-5'
Width: 3-7'

Plant Needs
Partial shade to full sun (preferred)This Juniper performs well in dry to moist soils

Growth Rate:Soil Type:
Slow Growth RateWill grow in almost any soil type

Foliage Color
Green needlesNeedles are evergreen

Brown bloomsSpring Flowers

Other Information
Good for Mass Plantings
Prefers Dryer Soils