Juniperus sabina 'Monna' - Calgary Carpet Juniper

Calgary Carpet Juniper is a great plant to use for those situations where you need a lower growing evergreen but the client doesn't like the "pickers" they tend to associate with Junipers. Bright green in color and soft of texture, the foliage of the Calgary Carpet has a scale-like appearance and is soft to the touch. The layered branching habit of this plant gives the subtle appearance of soft undulations in the ground beneath them. This would serve nicely in a small Zen garden, with it's ability to suggest a forest of undulating green. This juniper does well in more dry soils that are well drained, and needs to have partial to full sun exposure. It's mature height rarely exceeds 9" but can spread to 10' wide or more. Hardy in zones 3-7.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 3-7


Height: 9"

Spread: 10' or more

Growth Rate: Average

Soil: Dry, well drained

Bloom Time: Spring

Bloom Color: None

Soil Moisture:

Sunlight Requirements:

Foliage Color:

Calgary Carpet Juniper
Soft, scale-like foliage of the Calgary Carpet.

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The information for this plant has been provided by Jeff Pozniak, of The Ground Trades Xchange.