Gold Lace JuniperCalled the "most golden of all junipers", Dirr, (1998), the Gold Lace Juniper shows a vibrant yellow color at the tips of it's branches (see photo at right). Often considered a derivative of the Pfitzer Juniper, the Gold Lace won't get quite as large, typically staying under 4' in mature height and 7' in spread. This plant is equally at home being used in a mass planting or as a specimen, is durable enough for zone 3 winters and can handle periods of drought. It prefers a location that will afford full sun and will reward you with brighter summer yellows if you provide that sunshine.

The foliage of the Gold Lace Juniper.This Juniper, as with most all Junipers, will not respond well to a hard pruning back that removes all green growth back to the "dead zone," as this area of a branch does not contain live buds, so new growth cannot emerge. Timing is also important; pruning prior to bud break in spring or shortly after the hardening off of new growth is best, but avoid pruning late enough in the season as to promote new growth at a time when it can't harden off before the winter freeze.

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Plant Specifications

Areas of Growth:
USDA Zones 3-8
Hardy in USDA Zones 3 to 8

Plant Size:
Height and Width of tree at maturityHeight: 3-4'
Width: 6-7'

Plant Needs
Full SunThis Juniper performs well in dry to moist soils

Growth Rate:Soil Type:
Avg Slow Growth RateWell-drained soils are best

Foliage Color
Green needles with gold tipsNeedles are evergreen

Yellow FlowerSpring Flowers

Other Information
Specimen Plant
Good for Patio Gardens
Winter Interest