Malus X 'Sentinel' - Sentinel Flowering Crab Apple

I particularly enjoy the bloom color of this flowering crabapple, which as a bud starts as a deep pink that fades as the flower opens, to a very pale, nearly white bloom. Something about the paleness of the bloom lends it some venerability. It's form is very upright; a good selection in an area where spring color is desired but the full spread of a more rounded variety is precluded by available space. My references mention slight susceptibility to scab and fireblight. This selection can do well in moist soils, but does best if they are not wet; quite a few that we had planted in 2003 did poorly in 2004 after our local area saw the second-wettest May in history. Spring 2005 is finding them making a strong comeback.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 4-8


Height: 25'

Spread: 10-15'

Growth Rate: Average

Soil: Most types

Bloom Time: Spring

Bloom Color:

Soil Moisture:

Sunlight Requirements:

Foliage Color:

Sentinel Flowering Crabapple
Sentinel Flowering Crabapple Bloom
Sentinel Flowering Crabapple Leaves

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The information for this plant has been provided by Jeff Pozniak, of the Ground Trades Xchange.