Spiraea betulifolia 'Tor' - Birchleaf Spirea

As the name suggests, the Birchleaf Spirea is not your everyday Spirea. With a more rounded, certainly more green leaf, you might be fooled into thinking this plant is not a Spirea at all. Even the plump, full purplish buds waiting to burst open with new blooms don't quite look like they belong. But when you see the small clusters of white flowers shining against the darker green foliage, you'll know this plant has the heart of a Spirea. And when cooler fall temperatures come around, you'll be treated to a great fall color show, with foliage turning copper, red or purple before it falls.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 3-7


Height: 2-3'

Spread: 2-3'

Growth Rate: Average

Soil: Most Any

Bloom Time: Early Summer

Bloom Color:

Soil Moisture:

Sunlight Requirements:

Foliage Color:

Birchleaf Spirea
Flower Buds

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The information for this plant has been provided by Jeff Pozniak, of The Ground Trades Xchange.