Spirea x bumalda 'Goldflame' - Gold Flame Spirea

Prized for it's ability to present color in every season, and withstand the harshest that nature can give out, this is a popular shrub among homeowners. The color show starts in spring, with crimson-red new foliage that later fades to yellow, then green. Clusters of small pink flowers arrive in early to mid-summer, and if dead-headed, can produce another flower show in the fall. When cooler temperatures arrive, the foliage turns a fiery bronze before falling to the ground. These shrubs will tolerate most soils, dry or wet, well-drained loam or clay. Maintaining Spirea is as easy as trimming the shrub to mere 3" stubs every few years.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 3-8


Height: 3'

Spread: 3-4'

Growth Rate: Fast

Soil: Most Any

Bloom Time: Early Summer

Bloom Color:

Soil Moisture:

Sunlight Requirements:

Foliage Color:

Gold Flame Spirea

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The information for this plant has been provided by Jeff Pozniak, of The Ground Trades Xchange.