Berberis thunbergii 'Bogozam' - Bonanza Gold Barberry

For those wanting a low-growing splash of bright yellow in their landscape, the Bonanza Gold TM Barberry might be the perfect addition to a planting bed. The yellow foliage is not affected by quantity of sunlight; it prefers sun, but the color won't change with a lack of sunshine as many of the atropurpurea varieties do. This plant works well in small spaces, reaching 12-18" in height and 24" in spread at maturity. Perfect for small yards or even rock gardens. Small yellow flowers appear in mid-spring, but the color is an identical match to the foliage, making them unnoticeable.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 4-7


Height: 1.5'

Spread: 2'

Growth Rate: Average

Soil: Will tolerate most

Bloom Time: Mid-Spring

Bloom Color:

Soil Moisture:

Sunlight Requirements:

Foliage Color:

Bonanza Gold Barberry

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The information for this plant has been provided by Jeff Pozniak, of The Ground Trades Xchange.