Picea abies 'Cupressina' The species Norway Spruce originates from the mountains of central Europe, where it can be found at elevations as high as 6,000 ft. This cultivar, the Cupressina Norway Spruce, is fastigiate, meaning it is very narrow with a tight branching habit. Because of it's growth habit it's a prized selection on urban and suburban properties and in gardens where a strong, evergreen vertical element is required.

Though it's classified as a dwarf, this conifer can be expected to grow to a height of 30'-40' in height and 8'-10' in diameter. It has an average to above-average growth rate and when that's paired with the density of the branching and foliage, this tree can make an excellent screen in smaller garden areas. It's also an excellent choice in more northern climates as it has an excellent ability to bear the weight of heavy snow relative to other narrow tree selections.

The needles on the Picea abies 'Cupressina' are approx 1" in length and slightly curved, with a dark greenish-blue hue. It will tolerate both alkaline and acid soils, clays and sand. It has a preference for moist soils but can withstand a moderate drought and likes to have full sun exposure to perform it's best. It is considered deer resistant. Is hardy to the warmer parts of Zone 2 through the cooler portions of Zone 7.

Needles of the Columnar Norway SpruceIn general the best times to plant Spruce are when they are not actively pushing out new growth, as this is the conifer's most stressful time of the year. Either dig and transplant before buds have broken, or wait until the new growth has hardened off (is no longer soft, brightly colored and droopy).

Other popular (but less narrow) Spruce varieties include:

Picea glauca 'Densata' - Black Hills Spruce - Cultivar of the White Spruce, will grow 25-40' in height and spread to 10-15'.
Picea pungens Colorado Spruce - A species from which many cultivars have been created. The species will grow 40'-60' tall and most often recognized as having blue foliage, the foliage may also be green or silver.

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Plant Specifications

Areas of Growth:
USDA Zones 2B-7A
Hardy in USDA Zones 2B to 7A

Plant Size:
Height and Width of tree at maturityHeight: 30'-40'

Plant Needs
Full SunThe Columnar Norway Spruce likes moisture in the soil.

Growth Rate:Soil Type:
Average Growth Ratesand loam and clay soils

Foliage Color
Green foliageGreen to blue-green needles all year

Tiny pink bloomsSpring Bloom

Other Information
Specimen Plant
Screen Plant
Narrow Habit
Fragrant Foliage
Deer Resistant