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Well yet another year has passed that I got by with my old dumpy. There are a lot of start up expenses the first year and the right deal never showed up. I'm sure I'll move into the future this year and get a laser.

Great idea chesie. I hadn't considered that I could have 2 guys setting grades just by adding a second reciever. That makes a laser that much more attractive.

To answer your question cutntrim, we use the dumpy (contractors site or ??sight?? level) to set string elevations. Base materials are filled to the string. For most simple patios and walkways we don't even need to get out the dumpy as the elevations are pretty much a given. We still use strings to ensure a nice glass flat surface.

You will not regret buying a laser but is it a must. I don't think so. You can get by without it. A saw and tamper are must haves before the laser. I even chose to buy 2 saws before I get the laser. I'll start a thread on that come spring. I am going to be trying out my new Echo.
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