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If you want to check out a laser, go back an issue or two in Pro - I put a short article together on using one to do grading work.

But for patios and walls and such, if they are under 500 sqft (pavers) and don't involve lots of elevation changes, we just use stakes, strings, levels and line levels. It's when you get into tricky elevation changes, or greater distances that we like to use lasers.

But if you do any grading of lots for seed or sod, the laser is indispensable. One man can do all the work (where a sight level requires 2 men) and it's extremely accurate.

For a basic laser set-up, including laser, laser detector, tripod and direct-read rod, expect to start at $1200 new. Go for some of the fancy stuff Paul uses (dual slope, etc) and you'll end up closer to $5K.

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