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In California, as well as numerous other states, as a contractor, you are considered the expert. This means if permits need to be pulled for ANY reason you being the professional should know what you need to do to secure and run this job.

The way I get around it and the associated costs, is to bid the work, then, add the clause "plus cost of permits" Now, this does not mean JUST the cost of permits. Example here, for a patio cover we built, it was $250.00 filing fee, $165.00 for acceptance fee...(San Diego is a major PIA) and then I added the 6 man hours at $62.50 per hour it took to obtain approval, the 3 times it cost me $12.00 a pop to park and the work I lost doinking around with the city BS, and the drawing board time. Typically, no matter how much a buildfing permit costs, I charge a minimum of $1,000.00 no matter what I have to get done.
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