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I don't know if the time could be estimated. Well, let me put it this way - the estimate or line item would probably work on 95% of the requests for permits. But in the case where you have to take time to make sketches, photos, meet with the client, meet with town boards, hold up production.... Pretty soon you're eating a lot, or you're having to spend a lot of time handholding the client, all of which is gobbling up time you could spend doing something else.

The carpenter you talked to did have a point. Put another way, my father has told me "If you kick it, then you've gotta smell it."

As for my office assistant.... uh, I don't know whether it'd be worth sending my assistant, mainly because I don't have one yet.

And I realize this sounds like I'm putting the client out in the cold, but if you tell them what permits to get, and they tell you they have them, and you being work only to be stopped by the town for NOT having the right permits, what happens? Make you tear it down? So long as they are current with payments, it's a lesson for them, not you. Sounds like I'm a jerk (and maybe I am), but I'm just trying to unload as much liability as I can. I have enough already.
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