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I had some roofing done on my house and the contractor got the permit. I have no doubt he worked the time spent getting the permit into the proposal. I have to agree with Tim that I would rather get the permit myself, and be sure all bases are covered, than have the homeowner do the minimum neccesary and end up looking like a shmoe.

If you are spending 50 extra man hours to secure permits I'm assuming the job is more than a sidewalk or patio. Could you could give an estimate of the time involved and the cost per hour. If someone is doing a project that takes that much time there should be a permit budget.

The carpenter I spoke with last night was of the attitude don't get a permit unless you really need to because your only asking for trouble from the town. Frankly, I agree your only asking for trouble from the town, but think that if the town code says get one then get one, and charge the customer for it. This is a poor attitude from a guy like me that has never got a permit, or considered getting one, until yesterday.

The carpenter said that if the homeowner wants a permit he charges a flat rate of $400. He said he will draw up whatever the homeowner needs for the job 'free' if they get the permit themself.

What is your office assistants time worth an hour? Could you send them or one of your foreman to get/fill out the paperwork? If you multiply 40 hours at $50 an hour does it justify the time spent? The roofer sent one of his guys to my house on a rainy day to get my signature, that was one of their rainy day projects.

Just my .02.
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