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I stopped by the town hall today and went to the Building Department and the Engineering Department.

The building department said there is no need for a permit for patios. They said setbacks do not apply to patios as well, only decks. I got a funny look when I asked the question so I feel ok with them. Sidebar - I spoke with the secretary, not the building inspector, could be a mistake.

When I went to the Engineering department they gave me an even funnier look. Two people there consulted with each other and said the my only concern would be if I was installing a patio within 100' of a watercourse, then I should contact inland/wetlands.

I have covered my bases and am not worried about the town coming after me. However, you never know if a building inspector on the jobsite will think of something the people back at the office didn't. I don't see what more I could do to explain my project without seeming like I'm begging for a permit.
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