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99% of the time, there are no permits required on any privately owned/ contracted flatwork. There usually are for publicly owned walks, states depending.

There are however more often than not, certain enforceable building codes, and I'll give you two examples.

In California, most of the homes are stucco. At the bottom of the stucco walls, there is a vent made from sheet metal. You cannot for any reason have your flatwork less than 2 inches of that vent, with ramping under thresholds being the only acception.

In Alabama, you must have a minimum 1% pitch away from all on all flat work that is within 3' of a structure. Niether state requires a permit, but, you can be forced to redo work that does not comply with these requirements.

In Illinois, if you build steps out the back of a sliding door, they had to have an equal unit run and rise for each step. No step could be less than 4" in rise, or less than 12" of run.
Being that we are a state that requires licensing, they can come after your bond if you refuse to comply.

Paul has a great suggestion by checking online, I find that it can be less time consuming to place a call to the inspections and permits department of that city and ask an inspector.
It is usually less time than routing through rheams of links and clutter on municipal websites... Also, talking directly to an inspector will allow you to cut through the chase, as there may be some requirements written, and addendums that were left out. Anyone looking at the San Diego building codes will vouch for this...
An inspector will typically know these short cuts.

It would be intersting to see what you find out. Hope this helps!
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