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questn Permits

I think I'm on the verge of looking like a real schmoe on my current, large, job. We are installing a 500 square foot bluestone patio withgranite edging and granite steps. So far three people have seen my materials and been wowed by how much this must cost.

I got a call from thier carpenter today, luckily I recommended him, and he wanted to know when he could without being in our way. He mentioned he had to pull a permit for some french doors he is installing and asked if I had one for the patio.

I have never got a building permit for any job in my 10 years of doing this type of work. However, I will look like a real J-----s if the building inspector shows up and spots a project that should have one. I will be calling the building department tommorow and asking plenty of anonymous questions. I figure worst case I will go down and get one late and pay some penalty fees.

I just do not want to look like an idiot contractor, which I fear I may.

Do any of you guys get permits for sidewalks and patios? Is this one of those details that everyone knows about and I have been conveniently ignoring? What do they want to check for a permit or is it just the dollar amount of the project so they can jack up the homeowners taxes? Help...
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