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Tricky, no offense taken. We are about as new at this as a baby that has had only one diaper change. Ok, maybe 2. We did build a small stone wall last year, but it was a dry stack, not a retaining wall, and only about a foot and a half high. Only the top layer was carefully mortared in to keep the dry stack look. I want to be careful with the pricing and not charge clients for our learning curve. I'm sure it's hard to say without seeing it but can you give me a ball park as to how long this should take someone with reasonable skill level so we're charging a fair price?
We will look up retaining wall construction, thanks! We're going to a versa-lok retaining wall seminar this week so hopefully that will help too. We're obviously not adverse to trying new things, and pretty careful about what we try so we still maintain quality work and reputation.
Is mortaring it in the best way or could it/should it be a dry stack?
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