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Are you just designing this or building it? If you are building be careful with how you price it as a wall like that is not a simple thing to build. The concept is simple but the masonry takes a lot of skill. No offense's just clear from the questions that you don't know much about this and I know from experience that it's easy to underestimate the learning curve.

Clean stone is crushed stone of the same size with no fines. Usually 3/4". The lexicon can be different in different places but around here "gravel" means a graded aggregate like you would use for a patio base. "Stone" usually means clean stone.

Weep holes are holes in the lower part of the wall that let water drain out from behind it. Most people use pvc pipe.

I bet if you google "retainging wall construction detail" or something like that you can find lots of diagrams.
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