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I agree with Rex on the removal of the topsoil under the patio and backfill the trench with the 3/4 gravel. It would be done in 4" to 6" lifts. Now I'm not going to get more than 85% compaction on it but I know it won't move.

As for the raised patio standard 3/4"- (Ca-6) would be used, unless there are water issues from surrounding areas, such as a hill that meets the patio. Then a standard 3/4" washed gravel gravel with a fabric backing lapped over the last 6" of wall to seal off the fines migrating.

I do have a question for all here.... has any one had a major repair done thru a raised patio? Like a water line? To me it would seem more likely to have a sewer line to be repaired than a water line. If they where going thru all that I would have them sleeve both lines.
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