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What if one worker could do the work of many, and those other workers could tackle much bigger jobs? Here are three attachment types that tackle smaller jobs quickly, bigger jobs more efficiently, and save time and money along the way.



Pallet forks will fit on just about any skid steer, telehandler, or tractor loader. Pallet forks can help move sod pallets and brick quickly, saving workers the time, stress, and wear of carrying heavy loads across big job sites. Forks mount into booms and work platforms, move heavy rolled materials with fork-mounted pole attachments, and even push trailers around the job site with a trailer spotter.

Tree Attachments

Removing and trimming trees can be some of the most difficult and time consuming work faced by landscapers. Fortunately, there are attachments to help. A number of different attachments solve this problem tree shears, to post pullers, to tree saws, all making work easier and more efficient. Augers are one of the most underutilized attachments available and can plant new trees, posts, and entire fences in just a fraction of the time with much less effort. Manually digging holes is not an easy task, whether it’s for a tree, a post, or an entire fence, augers take that stress off your workers.


One of the most versatile attachments, buckets can carry everything from dirt to mulch, rocks, sand, debris, snow, and more. Buckets can mount to skid steers, loaders, telehandlers, backhoes, and tractors. Whatever you’re riding, a bucket can attach to it. Fork mounted buckets mount right onto forks and can be put on and taken off in no time. Buckets are a simple answer to a lot of landscaping projects.

There is a way to make your best workers even more productive, while making their day easier. There’s no doubt that being able to provide even better quality work for your clients will ensure you’ll always be around to get the job done right.

Article written by Budget Attachments and Parts.
Budget Attachments and Parts has been providing real world material handling solutions to landscape professionals nationwide for over 25 years. High quality, reliable, attachments and parts are fabricated just outside of Kansas City at an affordable fair price. Forever local, always invested in earning your business.

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